What To Expect During First Visit To An Optometrist?

Visits to eye doctor can be due to eye discomfort, pain, injury, or routine checkup. Besides for eye health care, routine checkup is recommended. Vision changes are unpredictable, so it is essential to keep track of your eye sensation.

Be prepared with the following information

  • Your medical history and current medications [if any]
  • Your current symptoms in detail
  • Family history because cataracts and glaucoma are hereditary eye diseases
  • Carry current prescription for contact lenses or glasses
  • Bring eyewear you are using at present for evaluation
  • Bring insurance card and ID or if necessary other payment method [cash, credit or debit card]

You will undergo vision testing and screenings, which will help the optometrist to determine eye health and vision quality, To find best optometrist in your area you need to search “optometrist near mein google.

Comprehensive eye exam tests

Visual acuity tests

It helps to measure vision sharpness. A projected eye chart is used to measure distance visual acuity and near vision is measured with hand-held acuity chart.

Cover test

One eye gets covered and you are asked to concentrate on small object kept at a distance then other eye get covered and you need to focus on the target. This test is then repeated with objects placed near you. Uncovered eye needs to move and pick fixation target, which helps to diagnose subtle binocular issue causing eye strain.

Color blindness test

Color vision test is performed early, so as to eliminate color blindness from comprehensive eye exam list. It even alerts your doctor about possible eye health issues, which may influence color vision.

Ocular motility test

Eye motility test helps to determine your eye movement’s rapidity and correctly fixate on targets.

Stereopsis test

In this test, 3D glasses are worn and you need to look at test pattern booklet. Each pattern includes 4 small circles and you need to identify the closer circle in every pattern. Every pattern looks near and with good eye teaming skills normal depth perception gets experienced.


This test estimates correct lens power for distant vision.


Refraction helps to determine level of nearsightedness, farsightedness, ad astigmatism.

Autorefractors & Aberrometers

You chin needs to be rested on autorefractors or aberrometers. It automatically estimates eyeglass prescription.

Slit lamp exam

It helps to examine structures situated beyond optic nerve and retina

Glaucoma test

Your eyes resistance on puff of air helps to calculate intraocular pressure. In case of high eye pressure, there is a risk or have glaucoma.

Pupil dilation, visual field test, and certain other tests are recommended, if the eye doctor finds it a necessity.