What Is Hormonal Imbalance And Types Of HRT To Correct It?

Hormones are produced by specific organs and glands in human body like thyroid, pancreas, pituitary, adrenals, etc. They are chemical messengers, which make the endocrine system along with organs/glands that release them. Hormonal balance is crucial for proper functioning of the endocrine system. Low or high hormone levels can cause physical, mental, and emotional instability.

Types of HRT

Synthetic HRT

In this type hormones made from the urine of horse is used. These usually accompany plethora of side effects.

Bio-identical HRT

Bioidentical hormone therapy includes hormone molecular structure that is same to natural hormones your body releases. Bio-identical hormones get formulated from plants chemical extracts but human body is unable to distinguish them. They believe it to be released from the endocrine system.

Bioidentical HRT benefits

Side effects are mild in comparison. You will see improvement in –

  • Bone density
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Memory retention
  • Muscle mass
  • Good cholesterol level

Reduced risk of suffering from –

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Breast cancer
  • Uterus cancer
  • Osteoporosis

There will be less hot flushes and vaginal dryness with hormone therapy. Hormone replacement medications are available in different varieties along with multiple delivery methods. The type and delivery form to select will depend on symptoms and severity. Some common synthetic hormones prescribed for HRT are estrogen, insulin, progesterone, and testosterone.

Common hormone replacement therapies

ERT [estrogen replacement therapy] – Estrogen is female hormone responsible to prepare uterus for egg implantation. It even moderates the use of vital minerals and nutrients like cholesterol and calcium.

Women in their reproductive phase produce high rate of estrogen during their menstrual cycle. The estrogen level drops, when menopause phase starts, which causes an imbalance in their endocrine system. ERT is suggested only to women, who have had their uterus removed surgically.

PRT [progesterone replacement therapy] – Extra estrogen can build up endometrium cells in the uterus lining of a women, if uterus is intact. Basically, endometrium cells get eliminated during the menstrual cycle regularly but as she is in menopause state it can build up leading to possibility of uterine cancer. Therefore to avoid this progesterone is applied.

TRT [testosterone replacement therapy] – as men grow elderly their testicular mechanism lose its efficiency to produce testosterone. After 40, it is said to decrease by 1{909c5ecb542d0ef34c9924849c62a3f4f87e5a256dbc79867697de79513a519e} every year. Low testosterone level causes fatigue, low libido, muscle waste, anaemia, and reduced bone density. It causes hypogonadism.

TRT helps andropausal male lots of benefits like improved RBC, better bone density, enhanced libido, increased muscle mass, and energy.

Synthetic hormone therapy risks

  • May make user dependent for life
  • Just masks andropause or menopause symptoms without treating root causes
  • The risk of stroke, cancer, anxiety, osteoporosis, and reproductive issues increases