Top Tips on How to Care for Your Feet

Most of us are on the go for the best part of the day, yet we fail to take some time to look after our feet. Our feet take a pounding every day, with tons of force being inflicted on them just by merely walking around for a few hours. There are many ways to take care of your feet that won’t cost a substantial amount of money, here are some of the top tips on footcare.

Purchase Orthotics

If you don’t have perfect alignment in your feet, then you are part of the 90% of people who suffer from uneven weight distribution. Not all of us are blessed with a skeletal structure which doesn’t need the occasional adjustment.

If you aren’t well aligned, starting with your feet, it can have a negative impact on your entire body. You can easily support your shape by buying custom made orthotics from companies like Footlogics in Australia. Here are just some of the many benefits associated with tailor made orthotics.

  • They alleviate pain in your feet, back, legs and ankles.
  • They help maintain a neutral, supportive posture.
  • Orthotics improve your balance.
  • They provide support to your heel.
  • They act as shock absorbers to reduce force impact on your muscles, tendons and joints.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Feet

Many of us step in and out of the shower without ever paying any attention to our feet, the rest of our body gets cleaned, but our feet are almost always neglected.

You should take some time to thoroughly clean your feet every day, that means either bending over in the shower or putting your feet in a basin and giving them a good scrub. If you wash and dry your feet correctly, you’ll avoid problems such as:

  • Foot Odour
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus

Alternate Your Shoes

One way of avoiding problems with your shoes is to alternate them each day. If you don’t have orthotic insoles in your shoes, they quickly get worn down and you’ll develop problems. By having two pairs of shoes, you reduce the effects of wear and tear. You’ll also be able to give your shoes a break, allowing them time to air out. This will reduce the chance of getting infections and eliminate nasty foot odour.

Stay Active & Stretch

Having a body which is flexible and strong provides you with added support. Activities such as yoga can help you to gain and maintain excellent posture. If your posture is good, you won’t put excess weight on certain parts of your foot. Specific poses can relieve different types of foot and ankle pain.

You should always pay close attention to your feet and give them the pampering they deserve. To avoid problems with your posture, you should invest in custom made orthotics to ensure you have the best support possible. Orthotics will help to align your body and avoid any postural issues. You can also visit a masseuse to help loosen up tight muscles and relieve foot, leg and back pain.