Tips To Choose An Implantologue Or Implantologist And Enjoy A Successful Restoration

An implantologist or an implantologue refers to a dentist having extensive training in inserting dental implants. The inserting of dental implants is similar to extracting a tooth or filling a cavity. Do you know why? This is because all it needs is more experience and expertise of the implantologue or implantaologist.

Any time there is a need for dental implants, what would you look for, a dentist practicing dentistry for over 40 years or a new dentist having no experience even on single dental implant? OR Will you consider a dental implantologist who is into inserting implants for the past 15 years?

Now that you need dental implants, what is your choice, however, you need a well-experienced and highly qualified dentist. Now it is your turn to consider choosing a dentist specialized in placing dental implants or in cosmetic dentistry. Will you go for a dentist having 10 years of general practice, but no experience in implant or choose a dentist with 2 years experience who is placing only implants?

How to choose the perfect implantologist?

Before choosing an implantologist, ask questions to ensure your implantologist is qualified sufficiently and can provide the best possible treatment.

  • What are the options of treatment he/she will do to replace missing teeth?
  • What is their success rate?
  • How many dental implants they have performed?
  • What is the anesthesia type they use?
  • Ask them to show pictures of before and after the patients are treated
  • If you find the dentist is not answering properly these questions, it is a red flag.

What can you do to have a safe game?

Yes, start visiting several surgeries; ensure implant specialist uses best techniques, materials and latest style. Check the dentist’s certificates, awards and accreditations and finally choose an implantologist offering dedicated quality care and meets your goals as treatment plan. This is worth spending time as you are going to do an investment for your oral health.

A dental; implantologist can give to his patients their confident smile and also the biting comfort. The benefits ensure the ability to eat comfortably and act as replacements for the lost natural teeth root portion. This also serves as an anchor replacing the teeth.

Finally, the restoration quality placed as implant has a big role in success. If the implant crowns design are poorly constructed, and you experience  an imbalance in biting forces, then even the dental implant best-placed will have a negotiated survival rate.