Smoking is extremely bad for your body – How do alternatives like e-cigs help?

Smoking cigarettes harms almost every single organ of your body and it also leads to several types of diseases. If you can quit smoking, this lowers your risk of all sorts of smoking-related illnesses and can also add years to your lifespan. Both in the US and the UK, smoking is the leading preventable cause of death. It is surprising enough to note that smoking leads to 480,000 deaths every year in the UK and this means 1 in 5 deaths. In fact, smoking leads to more deaths in a year than a combination of illegal drug usage, HIV, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries and incidents related to firearms.

As there are too many premature deaths due to smoking tobacco cigarettes, experts always recommend smokers to quit smoking and choose the alternatives like vaping electronic cigarettes. Scroll down to know how smoking affects your health.

Smokers are more likely to develop heart issues, cancer and stroke than non-smokers

Estimates reveal that smoking can enhance the risk of the following:

  • Coronary heart issues by 2-4 times
  • Lung cancer among men by 25 times
  • Stroke by 2-4 times
  • Lung cancer among women by 25.7 times

Smoking also diminishes your overall health, increases your leaves that you have to take from work due to illnesses and increase costs of heart care utilization.

Smoking and cardiovascular illnesses

Smokers are also at a greater risk of diseases which affect the blood vessels of your heart.

  • Smoking leads to stroke which is the leading cause of death in the UK
  • People who smoke fewer than 5 cigarettes in a day can have early signs of heart issues
  • Smoking damages blood vessels and makes them thicken or grow thinner
  • Blockages caused by smoking can also reduce blood flow to your skin and legs

Smoking alternatives like electronic cigarettes

As we see how smoking can harm your health and make you vulnerable to all sorts of chronic illnesses, there are other alternatives like electronic cigarettes that you may try out. There are online resources like from where you can book your first e-cig but before you jump onto the vaping bandwagon, you should know what vaping is.

Well, vaping can be done by a battery-operated device where the e-liquid is heated up and then the liquid turns to vapor which is later on released by the vaper in the form of plumes. Due to the fact that there is nothing that is burnt while vaping, this doesn’t cause harm as is the case with smoking.

However, that doesn’t mean that vaping is 100% safe but it is definitely safer than tobacco cigarettes. So, if you wish to quit smoking, start vaping by choosing the best e-liquid flavour according to your choice.