Mental health facts you should remain aware of – Dispelling some of the myths

There are millions of Americans who are silently battling against mental health problems every year. The month of May is considered as the Mental Health Awareness Month and this aims to pull off the stigma that is attached to this condition by motivating people to start off conversations and developing effective methods of treatment. Though there are online agencies like who can help you find the best counselors to treat yourself, it’s better to first differentiate the myths from the facts.

There are too many myths associated with mental health and unless you’re someone who is an expert with dealing this, you shouldn’t stop yourself from dispelling the myths. Here are few things you should stop believing in.

Myth #1: Children don’t go through mental issues

Fact: This is not true as even young children can have early warning signs of mental health issues. Such issues are clinically diagnosed and they can be a result of psychological, biological and social factors. Usually the first signs of mental health disorders are seen before the child turns 14 years old and majority of the mental health disorders begin before the age of 24.  Unfortunately, less than 20{909c5ecb542d0ef34c9924849c62a3f4f87e5a256dbc79867697de79513a519e} adolescents and children are diagnosed with mental health issues but they are left untreated.

Myth #2: People with mental issues are unpredictable and violent

Fact: The majority of the people with mental health issues aren’t likely to be violent than anyone else. Majority with mental illness aren’t violent and just 3-5{909c5ecb542d0ef34c9924849c62a3f4f87e5a256dbc79867697de79513a519e} of violent acts are attributed to individuals who live with mental illness. You will probably have met someone with a mental issue and you may not have even realized it as most of them are extremely active and productive members of the communities.

Myth #3: People with mental problems can’t continue with the stress of their jobs

Fact: No, this is yet again a myth as people suffering from mental issues are as productive as other employees. People who hire people with mental issues usually report positive attendance report, punctuality, good work and job tenure at par with the other employees who are normal. When such people receive proper treatment, this will lower the total medical costs, boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and reduce disability costs.

Myth #4: Self-help and therapy are nothing but waste of time

Fact: Treatment for mental health issues depends on the person involved and this could include therapy, medication or both. There are many who work as a support system during the process of healing.

Therefore, now that you can differentiate between the myths and facts on mental health, you should stop believing in them and take steps to opt for the right therapy.