Invisible Braces Might be Expensive but they Help to Boost your Confidence

Every day we rely on our teeth not only to chew our food but to talk, smile, and many other things. There is a tissue that is called periodontal ligament under your gums and around your teeth. This PDL works as shock absorber that provides cushion to your jawbone. Thus, when you chew something your teeth doesn’t hurt your jawbone or break it. When your teeth are in proper alignment it functions properly.

However, what if your teeth are misaligned or crooked? You would like to fix it so that it doesn’t affect your appearance. Apart from that some people have teeth alignment in such a way that it interferes while talking or eating which embarrasses them. They look for options to fix it. That is where braces play a major role that either helps in bringing your teeth together in shape or pushing them apart. Braces apply force to your teeth.

Metal braces are a kind of torture because they have wires and rubber bands that pull or push your teeth. This torture actually works and gives the desired results. Initially, there were only metal braces that were used. It is wise to use braces at a young age because your bones are growing so whatever shape you give them, your body will adapt to it quickly.  However, for adults or youngsters metal braces are embarrassing as there are many factors that disturb them while using it.

Invisible braces were designed by Invisalign keeping in mind the hesitation of metal braces among people. These braces are much more smother than metal braces. Although while eating you could remove ordinary braces and you were restricted from eating hard and sticky substance because that would stick to your braces which would look untidy. However, transparent braces are safe as you can remove it while eating or brushing so this means you can eat anything. The only drawback is that Invisalign cost is more than metal braces so people who wish for transparent braces often have to spend a lot of money.

The reason why it is costly is because of the material that is used to build it. Invisalign braces are given the shape of your teeth so that it fixes properly into it. It needs replacement every two weeks unlike metal braces that needs only tightening.

Here are some payment options that might be helpful –

  • Since Invisalign is a new technology, most of the orthodontists prefer using it and many insurance companies are eager to cover them up. If you are insured you can always approach a clinic that can help you with it.
  • Most clinics also provide packages that are reasonable. You can also look into such packages as they will help you in taking other services as well.
  • Some clinics also provide installment plans where you can pay for the regular visits but pay through installment for your braces.

It isn’t only the braces that matter but the line of treatment also includes money. Therefore, when you’re ready to pay for the frequent visits and regular checkup then you can always think of a better material for your braces.