How Spa Menu Gets Structured?

Spa menus are just like restaurant menus. Every single treatment offered at the spa facility is offered in the menu list. Every service you read seem amazing because it is made to appeal customers. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about spa treatment types, ingredients or products used and equipment to enjoy better spa experience.

How spa menus get structured?

Spa menus are planned with the kind of services offered like massage, body treatment, facials, nail treatment, makeup and waxing or other salon services. Overnight spas may have extra categories like signature treatment, Asian therapy or energy treatment.


Visit, where under the massage category, you will discover different styles like Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and deep tissue massage for relaxation.

Basically, the timings are 55 to 60 minutes but you can even choose a long massage for maximum 90 minutes. In case, there is shortage of time them many spas offer mini massage of ½ an hour.

There is the therapeutic massage also available at several spa including sports massage, shoulder & neck massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, Thai massage, and Shiatsu massage. These may be listed under Eastern therapies or energy works. Therapeutic massage forms are performed by licensed masseur, so make sure that the person who will offer the service is well-trained.


Facial are also popular spa treatments. Reading the choice on the spa menu like anti-aging facial, deep-cleansing facial, or European facial can be overwhelming.

However, don’t be concerned because each one has same basic steps like cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, massaging, and masking. Major difference will be found in skin care products the spa uses. Generally, they offer minimum two lines – natural and very active.

You can discuss this with the esthetician, who will check your skin and suggest right product and facial type. The facial extras may include a special serum, peel, lip treatment, scalping, LED treatments or hydrafacials.

Body treatments

Body treatments includes a body scrub prior massage. It may even incorporate a body mask, which helps to detoxify or hydrate the skin. Body scrub will exfoliate the dead skin cells with the help of a rough or gentle exfoliant.

Body brushing offers mild exfoliation and arouses lymphatic system but does not leave your skin silky smooth like a salt scrub.  When you read the menu check on the aromatic oils used and see if the scent is synthetic or natural.

Energy works

Special treatments like Chinese medicine or Ayurveda or Nordic circuit are types of long services that many large spas add as a signature treatment.