Here’s Why You Might Need Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists represent an important part of our health care system. They specialise in joint and movement disorders and do everything from massage to acupuncture. In this context, they are often called upon by specialists and general practitioners to provide remedial or rehabilitative services, especially for those who have chronic movement problems, those who are recovering from accidents, and those who have endured sporting injuries.

How Can a Physio Help You?

There are plenty of important services that physiotherapists provide, and many people are referred to them by their local GP. Typically, they provide the following kinds of services:

  • Massage therapy: Physios provide all sorts of useful physical therapies, but massage is chief among them as one of the most popular. Whether one needs a simple massage in order to speed up recovery from a sporting injury, or a deep tissue massage to free up muscles and ligaments that have seized up, a physio can provide a wide range of useful services in this area.
  • Vestibular exercises: Not all physiotherapists offer this service, but some of them specialise in VRT or specialist physiotherapy designed to rehabilitate a person after the onset of balance illnesses, such as labyrinthitis or something similar.
  • Pilates and other exercises: Pilates, aqua therapy, and Yoga are great methods of stretching and building core strength for those who have musculoskeletal problems, and even those who are recovering from sporting injuries, surgery, or accidents. Quite often, such exercises are built into a total health care plan for a finite period of time.
  • Survivors of stroke: The result of a stroke can leave someone with little to no movement in certain parts of the body, including arms and legs. A course of physiotherapy can help the person to regain some movement, and will help to manage some of the pain and discomfort that is often a result of paralysis and affected movement.

The Benefits of a Mobile Physio Service

Given how crucial physiotherapy services are to many people in our communities, a fully mobile physio in Perth represents a great way of accessing such services for many people. Imagine living in a country area where access to health services is sorely lacking. A fully mobile physio service can help these people gain access to the health care they really need in order to assuage their pain and discomfort.

The truth is that physio services are an important part of our health system in this country. They can help the elderly with joint and movement problems, help those with neuromuscular illnesses, and help those recovering from accidents, surgery, or injuries. Given how critical they are, a fully mobile physio provides much needed services to those who cannot easily access this part of our health care system.