Consulting with a Pediatric Dentist about your Little One’s Thumb-Sucking Habit

Thumb sucking has been a common practice in kids and parents may wonder how to make their little one stop. A lot of parents have to visit a dentist clinic for some help. But, dentists will give advice based on the child’s age. The majority of kids who suck their thumb tend to stop when they reach the age of 4. Therefore, thumb sucking could be a problem which may not go away while the child is young.

Kids who are at last five years and still thumb-sucking must be encouraged to stop. This is because continuous sucking of the thumb is likely to result in long-term dental and jaw problems. Every child is unique, thus, they have to be taken to a dentist’s clinic to get checked and treated.

Thumb Sucking Concerns

When it comes to thumb sucking, parents worry about their kids sucking their thumb while they are about to get their permanent teeth. This could result in problems on how the teeth will come together. For instance, thumb sucking can make the upper teeth protrude forward and misaligned with the lower teeth.

In addition, some kids experience an open bite due to thumb sucking. Thus, there is a hole or opening between the lower and upper teeth when biting. This will affect how the child can look and speak. Oral health is also an issue. Kids tend to touch things and putting the thumb in the mouth can fill the latter with bacteria. The presence of bacteria in the mouth puts the child at risk for cavities and dental infections. It is important for parents to wash their kid’s hands frequently and ensure their child stops sucking their thumb right away.

It is Challenging to Stop the Habit

Getting your little one to stop thumb-sucking is usually difficult. Most kids develop this habit to pacify and calm their emotions which makes thumb-sucking a soothing activity. The way your child appreciates this activity can make it hard for you to convince them to stop. But, you can help by offering comfort and emotional support if you see them thumb-sucking. Give them a hug and perform an activity together such as reading a book.

If your little one is thumb-sucking and you are worried about their health, call a dentist clinic and schedule a consultation. Also, you can visit  Your pediatric dentist will be happy to speak with you and give answers to your questions.