Are You Aware About Few Deadly Cancers?

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases, but the good news is that rate of death due to this disease has started declining over the last few years. This is possible due to better screening methods and new treatments that have been developed by medical researchers. However, in spite of all that cancer still remains one of the most feared diseases.

Let us discuss about few different types of cancer, which has been causing death for most of the people.


According to the statistics available after understanding Mesothelioma, there is chance that one in 140 men and 1 in 710 women have the possibility of getting affected by this type of cancer in the USA. The survival rate from this type of cancer is 9.2 per cent only.

A thin layer of tissue which is called mesothelium keeps our heart, lungs and many different organs wrapped. Cancer developed in this tissue is known as mesothelioma. According to research data available from Australia, the reason for this cancer is due to exposure to asbestos (almost 80%). Therefore, people who work in construction industries, plumbing and environment where there is more exposure to asbestos are at great risk to develop this type of cancer.

Symptoms of this type of cancer is shortness of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain or swelling based on the location of the cancer. You may refer to cancer website for more information about this type of cancer and its remedy.

Pancreatic cancer

This is another deadly cancer where there is a risk that 1 out of 65 people can get affected due to this disease. The location of pancreas is behind our stomach, which is a finger shaped small organ. Pancreas is responsible for our digestion and also it releases hormones like insulin, which is responsible for controlling our metabolism and blood sugar level.

Pancreatic cancer also has more chance of developing, if there is family history of such cancer. If anyone is suffering from diabetes or liver and stomach problem then there is greater chance of such disease. Generally, this type of cancer develops at older age.

Some new test has been developed to detect it early. However, it is very difficult to spot and starts spreading to other organs that makes it deadly.

Lung cancer

One in 14 men and 1 in 17 women may get affected due to this cancer. This cancer is also very tough to detect until it reaches advanced stage. Smoking is one of the main reasons identified for this type of cancer.

However, people who do not smoke may also get affected, though the chance is extremely low. Treatment of this type of cancer is possible and the survival rate as per the statistics based on data of last 5 years is 17.4 per cent.

Each of these types of cancers have different symptoms and their factors. According to medical researchers if a person regularly exercises, maintains healthy weight and takes nutritious diet then chances of cancer can be substantially reduced.