All That You Wanted to Know About Dental Implants

Many of you must be seriously considering dental implants and therefore basic information about this dental procedure is given in this small write up. You must know what are the various options available to you before you discuss with the dentist. There are few dental implants that are better than some other options and therefore you must be aware about this procedure.

What are dental implants?

If any of your tooth is missing then dental implant is the best option to replace the missing tooth. There are three parts involved while doing this procedure.

  • Crown

A part exactly like your tooth which is created and made out of ceramic material. This is made in such a way that it appears almost like the original natural tooth.

  • Connector

This connector is needed so that the crown prepared above can be securely placed in position of missing tooth. It is also known as abutment and its shape is usually octagonal or hexagonal.

  • Base

This is a screw made out of titanium that can be fused with the natural bone so that it can be a safe and stable base.

What is dental implant process?

Dental implant process is nothing but a surgical procedure and the dentist performs this surgery by sedating the patient. During this operation the surgeon will drill a small hole on the bone of the jaw and the base will be screwed into the bone. After that gum will be applied so that it is healed.

After the base is properly healed another surgery is needed in order to fit the connector on top of the implant. Then the crown is finally placed on the connector and attached to it with the help of dental cement and by using a very small screw.

The implant dentaire tarif, depends upon the implant materials used. As a patient, we may not understand much about the materials used for dental implant as it requires wide knowledge about this field. If you consult a well reputed dentist then they will know which material to select for you as he knows the best about it.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult such dentist with whom you have enough confidence and you can trust him about the selection of right material for dental implant. Therefore, instead of researching about the implant material, it is better to do research about the dentist who is known to provide best quality service.