About Anna

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Healthy Life with Anna

Ms.Anna Phua, a nutrition expert and food & beverage consultant, is the principle of Anna’s Cooking arts. 

With more than 37 years of culinary experience under her belt, Anna is widely admired for her generous and selfless contribution. From her early days of teaching cooking in different cuisines to her advocating of healthy diets now, Anna is constantly driven and motivated.

Many years ago, Anna introduced food products like konnyaku jelly and kanten from japan and Taiwan, and in recent years, food items like fruit vinegars, enzymes, healthy fruit and vegetable juices, organic foods, high-fiber dishes prepared at low temperature and light-food dishes. While she enjoys learning what’s most gratifying to her is when she comes up healthy dishes and innovative ways of cooking.

To taste good food is like tasting a slice of life. Anna has devoted herself to the study of therapeutic health in recent years, putting in great effort in promoting high-nutrition diet and healthy cooking methods. In order to increase the knowledge and awareness of healthy dieting, Anna has gone all out to introduce proper nutrition as well as healthy and delicious modern recipes and cooking skills.

Over the years, Anna has been invited to Indonesia, Australia, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Wuxi, Japan, Taiwan, etc., as a professional food & beverage consultant, actively promoting the rich variety of Asian cuisines and cultures.

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